Referral processes for GPs and other health professionals.

  • Refer your patient

    Our management and referral guidelines to help GPs decide which tests and treatments are best for their patients.

  • Access your patient's health records

    If you’re a registered health practitioner, you can get your patient’s health care details by logging into the Health Provider Portal.

Nurse Navigators

Our Nurse Navigators can help manage your patient's care and give them other support if they have complex health conditions. Read more about Nurse Navigators or use our referral form [PDF 112 KB] to connect us with your patient.


Clinical assessment, management and referral advice for referring health providers.

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Smart referrals

Integrate Smart Referrals with your GP software to send referrals to Queensland public hospitals.

Learn more about Smart referrals

Health Provider Portal

Access your patient's health care details in the Health Provider Portal.

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Start a research project

If you're about to start a research project, find out about the application process and how to report on your project's progress.

  • Apply for ethics approval

    The ethics review process helps make sure you've considered all the ethical issues for your project.

  • Apply for governance authorisation

    Each hospital and health service is responsible for research that involves any of its sites. You need a site-specific assessment before your research project can start.

Last updated: May 2024