Visiting hours

Visiting hours are different for each hospital and each ward.

Contact the hospital you're visiting to see what their visiting hours are before leaving home.

What can I bring or send to a patient?

When you’re visiting a person in hospital, you can bring them things like books, magazines and fruit.

Some hospitals don’t allow flowers on wards or other clinical areas. Check with the hospital before bringing or sending someone flowers.

Don't visit if you're unwell

To help keep our patients and staff healthy, please don't visit if you have an infectious condition such as:

  • a cough or cold
  • diarrhoea or vomiting.

Keep your hands clean

When you’re visiting someone in hospital, make sure you clean your hands using soap and water or a hand sanitiser.

You need to do this when you enter or leave a patient’s room or other areas of the hospital. This will help prevent infections from spreading to other people.

Last updated: February 2023