The Jericho Community Health Clinic is a nurse-led community health service. There are 369 people living in the Jericho service catchment area. The clinic is located 86 kilometres from Barcaldine Hospital and 194 kilometres from Longreach Hospital by sealed road.

  • The Jericho Bush Nursing Service was transferred to the Central West Hospital and Health Service in April 2013 and has now been integrated with other health clinics. The service acknowledges the assistance of Anglicare in transferring the service and the support of the local community that has donated equipment and supplies.
  • The clinic has increased operations to four days per week (Tuesday – Friday) and increased funding for operational staffing support.
  • Telehealth services have become fully operational. This service is now available at the clinic after receiving videoconferencing equipment in late 2014.
  • A visiting medical clinic is available every Friday (9:00am – 3:00pm) to the Jericho community.


Physical Address: 19 Pasteur Street, Jericho QLD 4728
Postal Address: PO Box 37, Jericho QLD 4728


+61 7 4651 4235


+61 7 4651 4208



Office Hours

9:00am – 12:00pm
2:00pm – 4:00pm

Distance to Main Referring Hospitals

  • Barcaldine Hospital 86kms
  • Longreach Hospital 194kms

Hospital Services

  • 24 Hour accident and emergency services from either Alpha or Barcaldine.
  • Telehealth services.
  • Local nursing and primary healthcare.
  • Regular visiting medical, community, allied and mental health services.
  • 4-day per week community clinic.
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