Photo: Aramac Primary Healthcare Centre.

Specialist asbestos removalists will investigate the discovery of several loose pieces of asbestoscontaining
material on an empty lot behind the Aramac Primary Healthcare Centre.

Central West Hospital and Health Service Chief Executive Jane Hancock said the four pieces of
asbestos-containing materials had been discovered on a recent walkthrough of the property prior to the
start of work on the new Aramac health facility.

“These pieces were lying loose on the surface of the proposed development site,’’ Ms Hancock said.

“We don’t know if they blew in from somewhere else or were buried in the ground from sometime in the
past and had gradually worked their way to the surface.

“However, tests on the four pieces have confirmed they contained asbestos.’’
Ms Hancock said the loose pieces of asbestos had been removed and there was no risk to public health.

“The mere presence of asbestos-containing material does not constitute a public health risk if people are
not exposed to airborne fibres,’’ she said.

“Even weathered asbestos cement products do not release significant amounts of airborne fibres unless
the material is significantly disturbed.

“However, as a precaution and because we don’t know if there is any further asbestos-containing
material on site, we are cordoning the area off and dampening it down.

“Hutchinson Builders – who will be building the new Aramac PHCC – will have licensed asbestos
removal contractors in appropriate safety gear on site tomorrow (Friday, 10 March).

“These contractors will investigate the source of the asbestos pieces and establish if any more might be
buried within the ground, or where else the pieces may have come from.

“Should further material be discovered under the ground, the contractors will do whatever is required
under established protocols to remove the material, remediate the site and make it safe for future use.

“We will continue to advise the community as more information comes to hand about the source of the
asbestos-containing material.’’

• Anyone with any concerns can contact Central West Health Chief Executive Jane Hancock
on 0412 744 357 for further information.