Photo: Members of the new Tambo CAN and interested local residents gathered at the Tambo
Multipurpose Centre for the first meeting of the new CAN.

Tambo’s newly-formed Community Advisory Network (CAN) held its first meeting on 23 March
and elected office bearers to take the group forward.

Central West Hospital and Health Service Blackall Hub Director of Nursing and Facility Manager
Frances Harlow said the meeting had attracted a good turnout of interested local residents and
newly endorsed members of the CAN.

“The meeting was preceded by a Welcome to Country by Ann Russell, which all enjoyed and for
which I would like to thank Ann on behalf of everyone attending,’’ she said.

“We had an extremely good response from the local community to the call for expressions of
interest to join the CAN, so that we now have eight members in the new group.’’

Ms Harlow said Tambo resident Susan Jarvis was nominated as chair and elected unanimously
by the new members.

“New members and other community residents attending then discussed a number of matters,
including how to set up their My Health Record and an upcoming consumers’ health forum in
Townsville,’’ she said.

“There were also a number of presentations by Central West Health staff on various aspects of
our health service such as the role of nurse practitioners, mental health services and clinical
services and so on.

“The role and responsibilities of the CAN also were discussed.’’
Ms Harlow said all CAN positions were volunteer positions.

“As such, I would like to commend the Tambo CAN’s new members for their community
mindedness,’’ she said.

The next meeting of the Tambo CAN will be held at the Tambo Multipurpose Centre on 25 May.

Ms Harlow said the purpose of the CANs, such as Tambo’s, was to provide a mechanism for
consumer and community engagement with local health facilities and the health service

“The CANs help identify the community’s health needs, allow information to be shared regarding
service delivery and allow consumers and community to have input into the planning,
development and delivery of public health services in their area,’’ she said.

“Through such a process, each health facility will receive ongoing broad community input into
the development of services.

“Joining their local CAN is an excellent way for residents to become involved in helping guide
the future service directions of their community’s health facility.’’