Longreach Community Health Advisory Committee
Terms of Reference


  • Increase community awareness of their health and health care services
  • Inform and advise the health board and Longreach health service providers on local health care needs and
  • Contribute to the planning, design, delivery and improvement of health care services.


  • Ensure all facets of the broader community are considered in the development of local health care services
  • Foster sharing of information with the community regarding service planning, changes to current services and the delivery of health care
  • Offer suggestions and generate ideas to encourage self-management of each individual’s health
  • Provide advice on how community and consumer input can be used to improve health care services in the region
  • Engage with health care providers about consumer complaint systems and processes (without functioning as a complaint committee)
  • Collaborate with health care providers in the selection of staff, the evaluation of programs and services, and in making funding submissions to governments
  • Provide a consultation point for health care providers to engage with the Longreach community

The Longreach Community Health Advisory acknowledges and supports the Longreach hospital auxiliary, but is not a fundraising body.


The members will be drawn from the community in the Longreach Regional Council area including Ilfracombe, Isisford and Yaraka. An action committee limited to eight will be elected from those members.

Members are to be elected and participate as a community member (members are not appointed to represent an agency).   New members will be sought annually with the expectation that members do not serve concurrently for more than five years.

Additional members may be admitted by agreement of a majority of members, providing the maximum number is not exceeded.


Chair A Chair will be elected from the membership annually.
Secretary An administrative officer will be assigned by the Longreach hospital

(Action committee)

Executive plus three.
Guests Attendance of guests will be at the discretion of the Chair.
Frequency/Length of meeting Meetings will be held on the third Tuesday of every month at 4.00 pm and will run for one hour.

A meeting venue will be provided by Central West Health and will be the Longreach Hospital Board Room. If this room is not available members will be notified with the agenda.

Agenda and Minutes The Secretary will circulate an agenda five days prior to a meeting.

The Secretary will take a record of the discussion and actions at each meeting.  The Chair will sign the record of the meeting following ratification by the committee.

The record may be published on the internet after  ratification

Reports Health, mental health and aged care providers may provide a summary report to the Secretary for circulating and tabling at a meeting.

Agencies may request the opportunity to address the committee through the Secretary (and will be at the sole discretion of the Chair).

The reports may be published to the internet after tabling

Records Committee records will be maintained on archived files by the Secretary.

A member may request access to previous committee records through the Chair.

Confidentiality In the unlikely event members are provided with clinically confidential or sensitive information, members undertake to respect the requirement to maintain the confidentiality of the information provided.  Documents are to be marked accordingly.
Evaluation Members agree to undertake an annual evaluation of the value and effectiveness of the Action Committee.

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