Photo: Dr Nikola Stepanov

Central West Hospital and Health Board Chair Jane Williams has congratulated fellow board

member Dr Nikola Stepanov on her appointment as Queensland’s Integrity Commissioner.

Dr Stepanov has been a member of the Central West Hospital and Health Service Board since

her appointment in May 2016 and has now resigned effective from 1 July 2017.

“Dr Stepanov resigned due to her recent appointment as Queensland Integrity Commissioner

and her desire to ensure there was no perception of conflict of interest had she remained a

Central West Health board member,” Ms Williams said.

“We are very sorry to see Dr Stepanov go as she has contributed greatly to the work of the

board during her tenure.

“She brought to her role a wealth of experience in health and research ethics, as well as law

and governance in the health setting.”

Whilst on the board, Dr Stepanov served as Chair of the Safety and Quality Committee and

member of the Executive Committee.

“Whilst my colleagues and I regret Dr Stepanov’s departure, we wish her the very best as she

takes the next step along her career path,’’ Ms Williams said.

“The process is under way to fill the vacancy on the board and I am liaising with the Office of the

Health Minister and the Office of Health Statutory Agencies to achieve this as soon as possible.”