Building stronger links with patients, communities and staff will be a priority for the Central West
Hospital and Health Service during 2016.

Central West Health Board Chair Ed Warren said the board had completed a review of existing
consumer, community and employee engagement strategies at the end of last year.

“The review showed that the health service had made good connections with its stakeholders,
but more could be done to involve our communities in the planning of health care services and
improving the quality of care’’ Mr Warren said.

“The health board has endorsed a new Consumer and Community Engagement Strategy and a
separate engagement strategy for its employees and clinicians to be implemented from 2016.

“As a board, and as a health service, we believe our patients and clients (consumers), our
communities and our staff must be at the very centre of everything we do.

“Since the creation of the health service and board on 1 July 2012, consumer, community and
staff engagement and consultation have been our passion.

“Now that we’ve been existence for over three years, we felt it was time to review and revitalise
our procedures for keeping our consumers, communities, staff and other partners informed and
involved in shaping our health services – and that’s what we’ve done.

“To make sure the strategy is available to all of our communities, a new consumer brochure has
been created which will be printed and be available at all our health facilities.

“One of the exciting aspects of our new strategy is the planned development of a website which
includes a public interface for feedback and information.

“We will be developing this in the coming months and progressively making more data and
health information available to the public online.

“We will also be designing processes to ensure we engage fully with even the smallest of our
communities, our Indigenous residents, and consider ways to involve the elderly, people with a
disability and our young people.

“As well as continuing to build links with all our consumers and communities, we will also build
stronger ties with other partners, including other health service providers and our local
government authorities who are such a vital part of our region.

“I urge everyone to have a look at our new strategies, both online and the brochures that will be
distributed. We have incorporated a lot of feedback and suggestions from consumers and other

“I would like to thank everyone who offered comments and suggestions during the review and
hope we have faithfully reflected your ideas in these strategies.’’

Central West Health Chief Executive Michel Lok said along with the Consumer and Community
Engagement Strategy, the health service also had developed an Employee and Clinicians
Engagement Strategy.

“As a health service, we are committed to engaging with our staff and clinicians, including those
who visit the region to provide specialist and surgical services, to ensure we keep our
communities healthy and allow us to deliver more services closer to home,’’ he said.

“This places a responsibility on the health service to ensure our workplaces are welcoming and
interactive places that are properly equipped to provide care.

“We want to ensure staff receive important information and that opportunities are available for
staff and clinicians to contribute to health care planning, design and delivery.

“This strategy is intended to explain how we will continue to involve our staff and clinicians in
decisions that affect local services and ensure Central West Health continues to be an attractive
employer of choice into the future.’’

Central West Health’s new engagement strategies are available on the health service’s website:


Download the original media statement: cwhhs_consumer_strategy_160105 (PDF, 215KB)