Alpha residents will have a chance to inspect their brand new community hospital at a special
open day before staff and services move in and the facility becomes fully operational.

The Alpha Community Hospital on Burns St forms part of the new $17.5 million co-located
emergency services facility that has just been completed in the town.

“We want Alpha and surrounding area residents to have a look at their lovely new facility before
we put it to work delivering health services to the community,’’ Central West Hospital and Health
Service Chief Executive Michel Lok said.

The open day will be held on Thursday, 2 June.

Mr Lok said all the components of the co-located emergency services facility – the hospital and
associated staff accommodation, the new fire station and police station – had been completed.

“We will begin moving into the new hospital component of the facility from 7 June and expect to
start delivering services from there by 10 June,’’ he said.

“This is an exciting time for Alpha and the surrounding community with the completion of these
three brand new government facilities.’’

Mr Lok said the Alpha co-located hospital and emergency services complex was the first such
facility in the state.

“It will be a pilot site to trial this co-location of health and emergency services in Queensland
which is designed to ensure efficient health care and integrated emergency responses,’’ he

“This new facility used modular construction methods similar to those used in the State’s first
modularly constructed hospital at Moura in Central Queensland, which was completed last year.

‘‘It is also clear of the flood zone and will act as the area’s emergency response centre to
ensure services are always available when they’re needed most.’’

As well as the Alpha Community Hospital, the facility includes:

• A combined Queensland Police Service and Queensland Fire and Rescue facility, with
provision for a future State Emergency Service presence.
• Provision for a hospital-based Queensland Ambulance Service.
• Separate community meeting room and amenities.
• Six short-term stay staff accommodation units for all agencies, including health.
The Alpha Community Hospital component comprises:
• 24-hour emergency access.
• Two inpatient beds.
• Two observation beds.
• Two resuscitation bays.
• Private practice clinic facilities.
• A four-bed residential aged care facility with own verandahs.
• Outpatient treatment facilities.
• Telehealth facilities and non-clinical support services.

Energy efficiencies also have been incorporated into the building, including natural daylight in
corridors, use of solar energy and an on-site sewage treatment plant that provides treated water
for watering green areas.


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